pump.io create new post activity using OAuth in iOS

Hello Team,

I am developing pump.io stream social server on my iOS app. I am successfully logged-In, got access token and also get the logged-In user details using OAuth. But facing problem to POST new activity. Like i want to POST notes on public(feeds). I have done the same thing as pump.io mentioned in the document and my app URL which i am using to post new activity : https://hostname/api/user/nickname/feed and also add the OAuth Authorization in httpHeader.
How could i POST using OAuth?

Help Link:
1. https://github.com/e14n/pump.io/wiki/Post-a-note
2. https://github.com/e14n/pump.io/blob/master/API.md

Shiju Varghese


Use pump.io api in iOS Development

Hello All,

I am going to integrate pump.io social server on my iOS development. The pump.io server has created/installed at our server end. I am stuck with user registration/login process. User registration with passing different parameters and want to get response as well. Actually, i need to check the api URL’s. So that i familiar with the api’s.

I found the feeds, followers and following through this url:: https://<hostname>/api/user/<nick name>/feed

Trying to register: https://<hostname>/api/register/nickname=sam&password=sam
But bad luck. I don’t know what i am missing. Please suggest me. Waiting your response. You can also email me at shiju.varghese@dekhdekh.com

Shiju Varghese